Discover what you need

Despite our finished work being a web application, we do more consultancy work than meets the eye. Imagine what it’d be like to have all the skills you need to achieve the results you are after. That is what working with us is like. Because, aside from the work we do, we impart knowledge - so you can take the best decisions, fully aware of their potential impact. That is what we mean by “harness chaos”. 

Discovering what you need starts with...

Plan what to do

Design & Prototyping

Once the wireframe is approved, we’ll share some design references. Then debate on which are the best ones and start drawing. From the shapes of the buttons to what colours your images should contain, the second stage of UX will expand on how your app behaves and interacts with your users.

Basic interactions are implemented. This way you can click on the mockup and get a feel of how everything is linked to everything else. We then brainstorm as to what would be most useful for your users. We will also jot down the actions you want them to take in each section of your app.

This is also when we discuss viral elements that we can build into the platform. Refferal systems, reward mechanisms, API integrations and so on.

Engineer your product

Now comes the fun part. You are happy with the strategy, the look and feel of the product. You have some ideas for promoting and milking it for all it is worth… time to start building.

You are in good company

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