What The Product Does

Hundreds of International Members. One Platform.

Provides an exclusive repository of information for the members of UNPRI.

  1. Event Management System

    The Intranet allows for the creation of events, available to users with specific privileges.

  2. The UNPRI features a Document Library where the organisation can host (and index) its whitepapers, minutes and rich-data documents.

  3. Salesforce Integration

    The intranet works with Salesforce for a robust lead management experience.

  4. Localized Country Networks

    The UNPRI spans across many networks. To accommodate their users, networks can have their own subsections in the intranet in their own language.

  5. Topics Management

    Members of the UNPRI intranet can choose what newsletter topics they're interested in right from their account. The system also detects and suggests updates based on pages they've added to their account.

Why The Product Was Needed

Integrating over 10 networks across the world is no easy feat. To successfully disseminate information to all members of its networks, the UNPRI needed a centralized informational hub. The intranet.

  1. Event Announcement & Creation Platform

    Aside from the events made public on the main UNPRI site, members-only events can be created within the Intranet.

Project images

  • Event Management System
  • Document Repository
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Localized Country Networks
  • Topics Management

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Robust Analysis system development.

  1. Sync existing users with salesforce

    Given the sensitive data with which UNPRI works, members should be treated with care and a lot of attention. Assessing their areas of interest, their manifest tendencies to delve into certain topics, webinars and documents is paramount to building a strong community.

  2. Develop a bespoke & dedicated analytics system

    When managing such a complex organisation, efficiency is mandatory. That’s why we created a custom analytics system, tracking resources usage and user activity within the intranet.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

The strongest feature of a community is its members

Investors are a busy bunch, always focused on the bottom line and on improving something in the business world. UNPRI does a great job at providing them with the tools they need - it just so happens that one of those tools, the Intranet, was built by us.