What The Product Does

Extending The Call Centre

Allows patients to book consultations for non-invasive cosmetic and medical treatments.

  1. Fast Loading Critical Pages

    The rain-maker pages (the ones used for conversion and lead-gen) were heavily optimized to load extremely fast.

  2. Notify The Call-Centre

    Once someone has booked a consultation online, they are quickly transferred to an operator/ account manager.

  3. Capture Adjacent Data

    Store query parameters and send them along with the consultation booking to a third-party component, for better customer service & marketing.

Why The Product Was Needed

To serve an ever growing market of always connected patients.

  1. Fit The Customer Persona

    People in need of cosmetic surgery usually know what they want. And time is important to them. So the platform had to be snappy.

  2. Improve The Clinic’s Services

    As an extension of its Call-Centre, the platform needed to take customer-service to another level, allowing the Clinic to analyze the most common queries and wants.

Project images

  • Capture Adjacent Data
  • Homepage
  • Fast Loading Critical Pages
  • Notify The Call-Centre

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Become a solution, not an extra step.

  1. Reduce loading times

    To 1/10th of what it was (7 sec) on pages that don’t use varnish (on secured pages). By using dynamic caching on content blocks, we were able to downsize loading times for specific pieces of content around the website.

  2. See More Than Can Be Seen

    Capture advertising/query parameters on booking a consultation and send them to a third party component.

  3. Platform - Call Centre Integration

    Send batches of bookings to the call-centre based on a cron-job running in the background.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Some things appear to be fast. Others appear fast.

In the medical world, speed is always a problem. Patients are rarely patient, so making the website as fast as they needed it to be was well worth all the work.