What The Product Does

Integrated Rental Management System

SmartRent allows the top and middle-management team to quickly access business-critical data, track key performance indicators and manage the company's staff and resources. For the staff, SmartRent manages contracts, client-support queries, sales targets, service requests and more.

  1. ARA Dashboard

    See at a glance industry-standardized metrics about the company. Learn about Time &Financial Utilization, Fleet Age, Rental Rate Analysis and Revenue per Rental Day

  2. Overview Map

    Interactive map that shows all machines & people, wherever they are, their current activities and due tasks.

  3. Sales Dashboard

    Allows the sales manager to coordinate his agents' activities (see their sales targets, current clients, closed deals and new business negotiations being made).

  4. Service Dashboard

    Grants the head of department to manage their tech crew (instruct them to repair, revise technical documents or check specific machines' statuses); they can also see where the crew members are and their current jobs.

  5. Transport Dashboard

    The logistics chief can manage all machine transporting requests (deliveries/ returns) and close deals with transportation 3rd parties.

  6. My SmartRent

    Client self-service area that lists current rentals, contracts, requests/complaints, due payments and invoices.

Why the product was needed

The bigger a company gets, the more difficult it is to manage. SmartRent allows key managers to make better decisions based on industry-standard metrics (ARA) and real-time data from the company's operatives.

  1. Staff Overview

    Management officers can see and act upon staff-related data: sales quotas, equipment placements, tasks overdue and so on.

  2. BackOffice support

    Clients almost always need help from the BackOffice Department (BOD). In SmartRent, all the information a client might need from the BOD is a couple of clicks away.

  3. Resources Reallocation

    With SmartRent, you always know how to move equipment & staff members from one area to another to increase expected revenues and minimizing costs.

Project images

  • My SmartRent
  • ARA Metrics Dashboard
  • Sales Staff Dashboard
  • Overview Dashboard
  • Equipment and staff livemap

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Integrate everything with everything: ERP, PDA, mobile apps, printers, scanners, GPS.

  1. Charisma (ERP) integration

    Charisma is the leading ERP software in Romania, with implementations in 29 countries. SmartRent feeds Charisma the necessary data for business-critical analysis.

  2. Cargus (Transport Service) integration

    Order equipment to be moved by third-parties seamlessly, from SmartRent.

  3. TrackUnit (GPS system) integration

    Keep track of all cars, machines and operatives, SmartRent exchanges data with TrackUnit's reporting systems.

  4. PDA app integration

    Service Departments often use PDAs to communicate. By integrating SmartRent with a Service App, we've streamlined the management process for the head of Service.

  5. Mobile Sales app integration

    Sales Agents keep track of their tasks and clients via a dedicated mobile app. The app feeds into the Service dashboard, allowing the head of Sales to manage his team.

  6. ARA (American Rental Asociation) metrics integration

    In order to compare your rental business to industry standards, you need to measure your results using its specific metrics. SmartRent translates all available data into ARA-friendly metrics.

  7. MySmartRent integration

    SmartRent communicates with the self-service rental portal, allowing clients to place orders and requests through their account

  8. Secure authentication

    All SmartRent users are issued a security certificate, installed locally on their computer, in order to further secure their username& password access

Two words from the lead software engineers

Evolving needs, evolving solutions

We've been working on this project since its infancy. SmartRent has been a rewarding, albeit taxing, experience. We're adding new features every week and we do have big plans with it, so keep your eyes peeled for it.