What Does It Do?

Educate & Inform About Shakespeare's Legacy

The platform allows Shakespeare’s Globe to create microsites (from within the app), sell tickets and merchandise and advertise hosted events/ courses. It also features a booking system for the events and courses it hosts.

  1. Online Shop

    Users can browse, shop for tickets or merchandise without leaving the site.

  2. Granular Permission System

    The platform’s administrators can have different roles, depending on their needs and attributes.

  3. Microsite Generator

    Admins can generate custom landing pages to promote various events and activities. Without the need of any technical skills.

  4. Actor Following

    After adopting an actor, users are notified of new events regarding the actor and can suggest questions for interviews.

  5. Donations System

    Customized donation pages for any cause, charity or event the Globe supports.

Why The Product Was Needed

Shakespeare’s Globe is spread across many activities and markets; it needed a unified platform in order to properly serve the entirety of its audience, under the same brand name.

  1. Cater To Many Wants

    Due to its size, Shakespeare’s Globe attracts a broad array of visitors, with different wants and needs. To keep the brand’s communication consistent and seamless, the platform had to integrate many services under a seemingly simple shell.

  2. Big Teams Need High Flexibility

    A big team brings hierarchy. To deliver on that need, real-life roles had to be duplicated as web-admin roles.

  3. Users Need Speed

    Users coming to the site generally have focused, specific needs. To aid then communication team, we implemented the microsite generator. Single-focus pages for single-focus people.

Project images

  • Online Shop
  • Granular Permission System
  • Microsite Generator
  • Actor Following
  • Donations System

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Bringing multiple platforms under one roof? Done!

  1. Empower non-technical users

    Simplifying the creation of single-event related materials (microsites, merchandise, booking & ticketing) and melding together the different apps that make Shakespeare’s Globe.

    Despite being separate entities, the webshop and main site are kept in sync, through deeplinking and back-and-forth communication. Updates work both ways to achieve full synchronization.

  2. Make Size Not Matter

    Providing the necessary infrastructure to make the site respond fast to queries, in spite of its size.

    A varnish server was put in place, so that the content-heavy site would load as fast as a static page. By reducing load times and improving performance, we created the perfect context for a low bounce rate.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

When Art Meets Tech.

I did my job and played my part,
Developed software for great art.
I'm no Shakespeare, but this is a really fun project.