What The Product Does

Complex Event Management System

Allows for creation of custom events with special ticketing & pricing options based on user profiles; different prices can be set for each type of currency. For instance, the same event can be set at a cost of 1000$ or 700€ and the prices are shown to users based on their profile.

  1. Integrate Events With Salesforce

    Send all pricing inquiries & acquisitions to salesforce, for easier follow-up practices.

  2. Variable Pricing

    Set different prices based on currencies, date of acquisition and more. Admins can even set the base currency and the VAT processing country for each event.

  3. Restricted Content

    Certain areas of the site can be restricted to members-only access or behind a paywall.

  4. Eloqua Integration

    We've simplified marketing activities by integrating with Oracle's Eloqua platform.

  5. Complex Scheduling System

    Event schedules can be broken down into series of sub-events and streams. Within streams, the MarketForce team can integrate webinars and other third-party services.

Why The Product Was Needed

Because the high-demand for MarketForce’s events brought with it tiered customers needs.

  1. No Two Events Are Alike

    Thus, MarketForce needed a lot of flexibility in terms of creating its events and their layouts/pricing.

  2. A Paywall Rakes In More Leads

    Sometimes, offering a mix of free and paid content can bring in more sales than any other tactic.

Project images

  • Complex Scheduling System
  • Integrate Events With Salesforce
  • Variable Pricing
  • Eloqua Integration

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Making a system strong and powerful enough to handle the magnitude of MarketForce's events, yet easy enough to use to allow any marketer to set it up.

  1. Develop a Tiered Pricing/Ticketing System

    Price adjustments can be made on the fly, by the experts. Drawing on user data, prices are tiered and allow for greater revenue flexibility.

  2. Integrate With Multiple Web Services

    Without weighing down the platform's usability. Salesforce, Eloqua, Optimizely, and StreamUK webcast service.

  3. Customisable pages

    Allow the admins to create custom landing pages from within the CMS, to enhance marketing efforts. Integrating a custom layout builder in the platform itself reduces the need for third-party services like Hubspot or Instapages.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Knowing is doing.

I've been involved in this project from its inception. It's my baby, in a way. And it's grown so big...