What The Product Does

Bespoke Facebook Contests. Simplified.

The platform allows the client to create custom facebook competitions of various types and deploy them as facebook apps/tabs. Without needing to code.

  1. Competitions Generator

    Create multiple types of competitions based on an unique core. New competitions draw upon that core instead of being created from scratch.

  2. Facebook App Generator

    Deploy the competition to the designated Facebook page, at the click of a button. Each competition is integrated with Facebook's JS & PHP APIs.

  3. Validation System

    The competition platform automatically validates received answers where needed. It selects designated no. of random winners and distributes prizes based on a back-end logic.

Why The Product Was Needed

To save time and money when designing and developing competitions. It was meant to replace and improve on the functionality that ShortStack provided. But, most of all, to engage the brand's audience.

  1. Streamline The App Generation

    Get from idea to app as fast as possible, without requiring the aid of a complete development team.

  2. Reduce Costs

    Migrating from Done For You to DIY allows for smaller development and maintenance fees.

Project images

  • Competitions Generator
  • Validation System
  • Facebook App Generator

What Challenges It Overcame

Deploy the power of shortstack in a short amount of time. And up the ante.

  1. Creating On-the-fly Facebook Apps

    Fully integrate with Facebook's JS & PHP APIs.

  2. Condense multiple steps into one click

    Reduce Database Handling, Facebook App creation and Facebook Tab publishing to a one-step process.

  3. Manage facebook apps from within the CMS

    Add, edit and implement facebook apps from within the same dashboard.

  4. Plan for the future

    Allow for the creation of as many competition types as needed (extendable competition types).

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Unboring media is the new cool media.

Brands on social media are boring, most of the time. A bit of lifestyle info here, a funny picture there... I enjoyed working on a platform that allows me, a fan, to play around with the brand. And maybe win something in the process. But, aside from that, I built something that can scale. Big-time.