What Does It Do?

Location and event planning on steroids.

InspiratieOpLocatie allows its users to book equisite locations all over the Netherlands for meetings, teambuilding activities, private parties and all sorts of events.

  1. Bespoke quote

    With just a couple of clicks, users can request a customized quote that includes their preferred dates and extras in pdf form.

  2. Mixed quotes

    Deciding on a location is difficult, and people tend to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect one. Not anymore - on InspiratieOpLocatie, users can request quotes from multiple locations at the same time, saving precious time.

  3. Internal chat system

    Some things simply need a bit of human touch. Location Managers can take hold of their location and chat up their prospective clients to negotiate arrivals, prices and more.

  4. Booking information is retrieved in real-time from the locations themselves, so searching for availabilities always ensures only free locations are returned to the user.

  5. Themes, themes

    To make it easier for prospects to make up their minds, admins can group several locations under one roof - a theme. A theme can be about anything about the location: area, architectural style, age and so on.

Why was the product needed?

Bridging worlds with common goals

  1. Fast user reactions

    Users don't have a lot of time on their hands. Because of that, InspiratieOpLocatie offers them fast results and the ability to request multiple quotes at once.

  2. Live location updates

    Location managers can edit their location's details in real time (from blocking dates to creating custom quotes) right from their dashboard; they can also chat with a user who requested a quote and manage bookings

  3. Fast scaling

    The business model lends itself well to scaling. To that end, InspiratieOpLocatie can quickly deploy new versions of itself. Admins can also edit locations' details to a greater extent than location managers.

Project images

  • Inspiratie Op Locatie - Homepage
  • Inspiratie Op Locatie - Search
  • Inspiratie Op Locatie - Location
  • Inspiratie Op Locatie - Form
  • Inspiratie Op Locatie - Themes

What technical challenges it overcame

Bring speed and reliability to a time-deprived market

  1. Operations of scale

    In just one click, the platform can clone itself on any domain and install the required language dependencies, for fast deployment.

  2. Availability is key

    Because a good part of Inspiratie's clients are corporate users, real-time availability was a must. The challenge was in building a fast and dependable real-time search platform.

  3. The right cart for the part

    The booking cart is plugged into the availability engine - cart-information is updated in real time, based on the user's choices and options.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Loved every bit of this, despite all the hardships.

Barbara (the client) is a godsend. I'm grateful for her deep involvement in our agile process and her coming up with innovative ideas for our challenges.