What The Product Does

CRM & Webshop Solution

FarmGirl's web platform allows the company to manage its production line, sell and dispatch orders from a single, unified dashboard.

  1. Area-Aware Shop

    The platform displays different content based on zipcodes entered by visitors.

  2. Delivery Recurrency

    Users can opt to receive flowers on a regular basis, being able to choose how often bouquets should be sent.

  3. Upselling Capabilities

    From the administration platform, FarmGirl can create upsell products for each item sold in the shop, encouraging visitors to buy additional products.

  4. Grouped Products

    Create groups of products and edit their attributes as for a single item. Only the admins can see what the group is made up of, users perceive it as a standalone entity. Can serve as bundles.

  5. Shop Administration

    The platform features production order,dispatch and delivery capabilities, acting as a webshop and CRM.

Why The Product Was Needed

A flowershop is a tender thing, focused on beauty and radiance. Farmgirl needed a simple tool to manage the selling of beautiful flowers. However, the platform needed to be powerful enough to allow FarmGirl's bouquets to rival that of their biggest competitors.

  1. Speed, speed, speed

    The admins needed to work closely with couriers and farmers. That would normally imply the use of many systems and additional friction in communication. Our ecommerce platform integrates production, sales and distribution features to cater to each party's needs.

  2. Time Flexibility

    The key brand message behind FarmGirls is "American Grown". This means they depend a lot on local farms, which greatly infulences the number of orders they can process. We baked that need into the platform, allowing for stock adapters (fixed numbers of orders/product per day and order type).

Project images

  • Area-Aware Shop
  • Upselling Capabilities
  • Grouped Products
  • Shop Administration

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Cater to size, encourage growth.

  1. Integrate with UPS

    FarmGirl supports multiple shipping options, among which UPS transport. During checkout, users can choose which transportation method suits them best and the system takes care of everything for them (and the admins).

  2. Add A Social Dimension

    Flowers are a product to be consumed in plain sight. They're something you want to share. To build on this, we've created a mosaic of bouquet tiles captured from instagram.

  3. Multiple-website concept

    From their dashboard, administrators can create whitelabel websites, either on a subdomain or on a different domain altogether. Newly created sites can import data from their parent counterpart and hold products unique to their profile.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Everything under one roof.

The greatest challenge with this project was making a complex thing seem simple. Think about a Ferrari that a 10 year-old could drive.