What The Product Does

Legal Information Membership Platform

The CANS network aims to simplify the study and understanding of legal information for as low a fee as possible.

  1. Membership Control

    The membership platform has multiple levels of access which enables users to access different areas of the website.

  2. Usage Tracking

    Each account's searches and actions on the platform are logged and kept for future reference.

  3. Session Tracking

    An account can have multiple users. The account owner may look at active sessions and, if needed, reject them accordingly

  4. Library Card Support

    The membership platform can autologin users based on their detected IP and also allows them to access the data with their library card number.

Why The Product Was Needed

Overcoming Legalese

  1. Legislation Changes Fast

    Faster than books can be printed and bought, anyway. To overcome a lack of up-to-date knowledge, CANS keeps its database frequently updated with fresh information.

  2. United Kingdom, Divided Law System

    There are several differences between laws in England, Wales and Scotland. Users have the option of choosing which version fits their study-case best and consult that by clicking on the appropriate flag.

Project images

  • Session Tracking
  • Membership Control
  • Usage Tracking
  • Library Card Support

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

A membership platform fit for its members.

  1. Shibboleth Integration

    The CANS network is heavily used by public institutions, universities and libraries - most of which use Shibboleth as a means of user authentication and registration. Integrating with this open-source package was a must.

  2. Using Apache Solr

    Apache Solr was used to power the site's complex search system in order to deliver the best results for each user type and their access rights.

Two Words From The Software Engineer

Read Less, Know More

As a developer, I will always look for the simpler way of doing something - the less effort put into understanding the language behind the message, the more time you have for understanding the message itself. CANS fits this philosophy perfectly.