What Does It Do?

Bridge The Informational Gap Between Students And Professors

Allows users to search within uploaded documents & classes/courses, while also maintaining logs of who accessed what and when.

  1. Fast Access To Information

    By enabling search within documents, the platform allows users to search for what they know they need, without having to figure out the names of the containing documents.

  2. For reporting and research purposes, the system admins can see data about what documents were accessed, how many times and by what users.

  3. Outside Access

    BCOM has a teaching clinic, where students can learn hands-on the requirements of their trade. By opening up the intranet beyond the campus, we've accelerated & simplified the learning process.

  4. Web2SMS

    The system's administrator can send text messages to users based on their email, name, access rights and other data.

Why The Product Was Needed

Students needed easier access to materials, while professors needed simpler ways of making documents available to their students.

  1. Students Need Sources They Can Trust

    The intranet offered their already established patterns of behaviour and research a curated, trustworthy repository of information.

Project images

  • Access Control
  • Fast Access To Information
  • Outside Access
  • Web2SMS

What Technical Challenges It Overcame

Combine search and research features. Seamlessly.

  1. Keeping logs of access times and terminals

    Being an intranet, the school's managers needed to keep tabs on usage, access times and most used terminals.

  2. Searching within uploaded documents

    Extend the search function to crawl into uploaded documents. There is a lot more information to parse, but the intranet becomes more useful to its users.

  3. Interlink communication technologies

    From the admin's dashboard, text messages can be sent at the push of a button. We've integrated a custom web2sms service to make sure communication to and with all members of BCOM is as easy as possible.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Passion Makes Perfect.

Knowing that something you built is helping future doctors better themselves is one of the most rewarding feelings one can get. Glad to have worked on this project.