What The Product Does

Best DanceWear. Online.

BlochWorld provides the customers of Bloch with the ease of use of a webshop, frequently synced with data from the warehouses.

  1. Fast Checkout

    Allow users to purchase items from the shop without forcing them to create an account.

  2. Keep In Sync With The Warehouses’ Stocks

    Automatically update the website’s stock data by integrating with FullCircle (ERP).

  3. Fast Tax Updates

    Shipping and commercial taxes vary across the US. The Platform takes that variance into consideration and determines automatically the due amounts.

  4. Supply Chain Integration

    Orders made through the site are delivered from resellers' locations, if they are close to the delivery address. Thus, resellers earn rating-based commisions by acting as warehouses.

Why The Product Was Needed

Despite its numerous stores, Bloch cannot be everywhere. It serves a very specific niche, so huge stocks/ a complex chain of distribution were not an option - thus, the need for a webshop.

  1. Easy Access to Niche Products

    Users across the US needed a sure-fire way of ordering their much needed sports apparel.

  2. Precise Tax Calculations

    Costs are simple, pre-taxes. But when dealing with over 50 states, all with their unique takes on law and finance, you need a robust tax-calculation system. Like Speedtax, with which Blochworld integrates.

  3. Bulk Order Friendly

    Clubs order in bulk. To better serve them, BlochWorld gathers data from FullCircle in order to return an item’s availability before it is shipped.

Project images

  • Fast Checkout
  • Keep In Sync With The Warehouses’ Stocks
  • Fast Tax Updates
  • Supply Chain Integration

What Technical Challenges We Overcame

Seamlessly integrate with ERP Systems.

  1. Integrate with Full-Circle ERP

    When a user orders a certain amount, Blochworld.com returns the current available stock from the ERP.

  2. Integrate with SpeedTax

    Calculate taxes in real-time, depending on the user’s location and order.

Two Words From The Lead Software Engineer

Tchaikovsky would be proud

We focused on speed and efficiency when developing BlochWorld. The website had to be there to support the apparel, but not be noticed. It was never about making shoes easier or faster to buy. It was about helping dancers create their art. Dance.