An annual research led by Techreviewer – an online resource that gathers top companies in various development areas – has included Neurony as a Top Software Development Company in 2020. According to the Techreviewer website, the research is based on publicly available information. This is just one result coming from the recent efforts made by the team in increasing Neurony’s digital presence.

Techreviewer is a useful tool in researching and selecting a fitting development partner, depending on the needs and requirements of any project. It groups companies by their main activity focus – software, web, mobile, IoT, design, AI, blockchain – but also on the tech stack that one might be especially interested in – .NET, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP etc.

Neurony Solutions, specialized in robust, high-complexity web applications, is a web and software development company with over 16 years of experience in the IT industry. They have built products for clients from various industries, such as:

  • Education,
  • HR,
  • Construction,
  • Healthcare,
  • Travel,
  • Gaming,
  • Retail, and so on.

 The main Neurony services are:

  • End-to-end product development,
  • Product Discovery,
  • Team Extension,
  • Digital Auditing.

 Some of the core technologies used are:

  • Java,
  • PHP,
  • Node.js,
  • Kafka,
  • Vue.js,
  • AngularJS,
  • Python,
  • Elixir,
  • Kotlin,
  • Swift,
  • HTML & CSS.

To learn more about Neurony’s capabilities or request case studies and brochures, please drop us a line at