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We have specialized in what other software consultancies steer clear of: robust, high-complexity web applications. But that is just the end-product. We are here to help you understand what you need and if you need it. Before you spend time and money building it.

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BlochWorld WebShop

Dancewear & Sports Apparel WebShop

Case study

Marian Plesnicute Marian Plesnicute

Software Engineer

We focused on speed and efficiency when developing BlochWorld. The website had to be there to support the apparel, but not be noticed. It was never about making shoes easier or faster to buy. It was about helping dancers create their art. Dance.

Who we are

We are a web app development shop with a penchant for business development and planning.

  • 87 projects

    We specialize in difficult to tackle, complex software development projects

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    We have been working with clients from all around the world through their offices in the UK

  • 8 years

    We have seen the web grow. We are here to make it thrive.


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We are proud to have worked with some of the best companies out there.